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Sunday, January 17th, 2010
2:28 am
Tracked down another car that will be familiar to fans of the show.

This is the car that Judy Priest drove in the season finale, (final year of the YG show) entitled, "Whence forth, the future."

To be brutally frank, no one who did not at least uncomprehendingly gaze upon the zeitgeist of nihilism and despair that was the early 70's could possibly understand why this episode got made. But that gold Alfa Romeo is beautiful and well worth watching the ep for, imo.

As you may recall, the rather irritating plot had Yellowjacket Greenapple for some reason getting into a knock down drag out fistfight with Sean Connery (playing the character Alpha Man, Ruler of the Time Stream Of Entropy), in a place that looked like a condo association version of the Eloi compound, except with Star Trek style decor.

There were bubbling blue lamps everywhere. Beautiful people lounged around on badly designed furniture betting on the two fighters as they bled all over the place. Connery made grotesquely cannibalistic jokes. Greenapple was reciting snippets from Spinoza, Whitehead, and Descartes. It looked like they would kill each other for sure.

And the whole fight scene was doubly stupid, because Judy Priest was of course miles away from there, underground with the Morlocks at this point, breaking glass, singing gypsy music from Romania, and splashing paint on the walls like Yoko Ono on mushrooms. I have no idea why.

But I would rather have been watching her --doing anything at all--, instead of an underdressed and sweaty Connery beating YG with a fire place poker until his head rolled off and beeped.

But in the last scene, Judy and YG drive off in this very car, lit by the dying red sun --that the Dauphin and YG have shot a black hole into, hastening the death of our solar system by billions of years--.

You can see this car's distinctive early 70's look in a very long tracking shot, after Yellowjacket Greenapple re-attaches his head, suavely admitting that he's been a robot for the whole season, since the Dauphin impishly killed him (yes, with the robotic heroin injection arm) and stuffed his body into one of those egg-shaped chairs like in Clockwork Orange. It had been at the back of the office the whole time. In some shots, you can actually see it, earlier in the season, but everyone assumed it was merely some mock-up intended as a Momento Mori, or at least a grim jest.

The car is visible for nearly a minute as the color scheme goes ever more pastel while they drive away, perhaps to denote the end of the world, and of all human life. It is hinted in several sources that Malatesta actually killed someone to obtain that car.
Thursday, January 7th, 2010
1:39 pm
So, I want to revive this community

Yellowjacket Greenapple told me that he would kick a grandma out of her chair every day I haven't written something cool here.

Will anybody help me?

If you don't have much time, just ask me something like, "Well, do you recall that YG episode which involved" ... etc.
Friday, August 21st, 2009
9:34 pm
Saturday, December 6th, 2008
8:23 pm
Friday, May 9th, 2008
5:47 pm
Story challenge : ) Respond anytime in the next week.
I was just thinking about the Uncanny Valley again, and really enjoying scaring myself with the idea of "what if I was talking to a person, liking them, and after a while of being totally without any doubt they were human, I saw one of those telltale notches on their wrist, or a movement of their eye, and suddenly knew they were a construct." WOoo! Nice and scary!! : )

I challenge anyone who is into this sort of thing to write a short story about an encounter like this, where you spend a relatively long time with a person, having a positive encounter with them and connecting on an emotional level, and then you suddenly realize they are a mechanism.


After brushing up on the above idea, please feel free to write a story -- enjoy!

(cross-posted to valley_uncanny and timebombfiction
Thursday, April 24th, 2008
2:45 am
Can anyone else recall any Fafnir trivia?
There was the episode where Fafnir played the Blimp Pilot. The plot point was that they ran out of adrenochrome and laudanum and the blimp pilot, usually played by Neville Sourbetton, sobered up and underwent a horrifying transmutation from the harmless looking Sourbetton to the Brock Samson esque Fafnir.
Greenapple spent the rest of that episode hurling physics problems at the Blimp Pilot to distract him from the pain of going cold turkey. A zeppelin full of orphans floated by and our heroes were for a time tempted to render the tots down into more adrenochrome, but were persuaded to desist by the ship's computer, voiced as always by the coldly logical yet sultry Deirdre Simone.
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008
11:11 am
Fafnir Skyrndorsmann, remembered.
Fafnir was never a great actor, but he didn't have to be. The paucity of lines he was given in the few episodes of Yellowjacket Greenapple he appeared in never stopped him from being a fan favorite. The Finnish bodybuilder's nearly seven foot height, gleaming lion's mane, and sculpted physique gave him a freakish charm that was immediately embraced by YG fans.

He first appeared in "The Silver Metal Brother" as Judy Priest's sibling and consort from the Imperium Dimension, where presumably Judy was Empress of a galactic civilization on the brink of falling into barbarism. Judy's ongoing battle with her disease that interwove her waking and dreaming life with bleedthrough from other dimension versions of herself reached a climax in the scene where she was brutally beating Yellowjacket Greenapple and forcing him to have sex with her while slowly turning into a gleaming robot, only to be interrupted by Fafnir Skyrndorsmann breaking the thirty foot high mirror Judy and Yellowjacket were copulating in front of.

The giant Finn was wearing the Jack Kirby designed armor as he strode through the mirror and plucked the naked Judy Priest off of the bruised and bleeding Yellowjacket Greenapple. He lifted her into the air as if she were a doll and spoke to her in the tongue of the Imperium. Linguists from several countries had been paid a small fortune by Malatesta to invent a plausible sounding future galactic language calculated to include the earth languages of the nations most prominent in the race for space colonization. At the time, in 1969, it was presumed that space colonization would happen quite soon.

The crashing silver shards landing everywhere gave the whole cast gashes which took weeks to heal but looked great on film, especially when the blood landed on the fantastically impractical silver armor Fafnir was wearing on his bronzed 'chisled from oak' body and when it splashed on Judy's milk pale thighs like raspberry jam on cream. Priest had trouble getting her lines out because she was actually having an orgasm as Fafnir was lifting her into the air. Whether this was because of her violent abuse of Greenapple (a frequent activity known to bring her to climax during filming on more than one occasion), Fafnir's rough hands on her skin, or because of the mirror shards, is unknown.

When Skyrndorsman bellows that Judy must come back with him to rule the decadent sea of stars (and slake his infernal lusts) and she responds in the language of the Imperium, her speech in the made up language which she proclaims while standing naked with her hands on her hips, cuts all over her body, Yellowjacket Greenapple lying at her feet, was supposedly the most often watched film scrap at YG conventions from 1971 through 1987, when a copy of the (thought to be lost) clip of her final clothes-ripping, highly sexualized battle with the robot version of herself was unearthed in the vaults of a Canberra television station that syndicated the show from the BBC.

Followers of Tim Powers gnashed their teeth when Fafnir died in a motorcycle accident in 1985, mere months after he had agreed to play William Ashbless.
Thursday, April 17th, 2008
1:40 am
In 1968, Robert Vaughn and David McCallum were originally slated to reprise their roles as Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin in the second attempt at a pilot for "Yellowjacket Greenapple," the episode entitled "The Prisoner's Dilemna." To avoid certain copyright complications, Vaughn actually played the role of Kuryakin, taking on the character's name and characterization (if not his accent), and McCallum played a Brit-accented Solo. Their scenes were all set in the same cell, and consisted of them furiously and constantly double-crossing each other, with no explanation as to what their presence had to do with the main plot, which dealt with Greenapple trying to infiltrate a mental institution. Fans have speculated that Greenapple was unsuccessfully trying to contact them, but the episode ended before his success or failure was shown. Later episodes did not revisit the scenario.

In 1973, Robert Vaughn was invited back to the set of YGPI in order to reprise his MFU role as Napoleon Solo, something he would not do again until 1980, in the MFU film "The Fifteen Years Later Affair." In the episode, entitled "The Marinetti Simulacra," the U.N.C.L.E. organization was portrayed as an organization dedicated to fostering world peace through the stalemating of nuclear proliferation. Solo, now its head (also wearing an eyepatch, a recurring motif in YGPI), was the antagonist of the episode, attempting to distract and/or thwart Greenapple from his assignment of detonating a small nuclear device in an endless, Levittownesque New York suburb. Due to a personal dispute with the director, Vincenzo Malatesta, over the aesthetic properties of the Vietnam War, all of Vaughn's dialogue was overdubbed with the ominous grunts of a wild boar.

I found these tidbits originally posted as a reply to someone's question on a "Man from UNCLE" fan community. The members didn't seem to appreciate the information very much, unfortunately.
Friday, October 5th, 2007
5:02 pm
A weird twisted ride, but who knows?
Okay, maybe our Yellowjacket project was stillborn, but that doesn't mean we weren't on to something.

The next stab I'd like to take at getting all you knuckleheads to lend your genius to something just came to me today as I was cooking dinner.

It seemed so obvious in retrospect.

We choose a Jimmy Stewart film. For instance, FBI story.

We rewrite it until it is unrecognizable, changing the milieu and main character to be more along the lines of our 90's sensibilities. (Yes, I realize it is now the oughties, but face it, we all are getting a little old, and we are for the most part still thinking 90's thoughts.)

To whit, the world and the way things happen in our story becomes more C'thulhuPunk, more Burroughs, more "it makes X-files look like, well... like X-files looked once Chris Carter Lucased out" -- for instance, "FBI story" becomes more like Iran-Contra-with-Uncle Duke/ Doonesbury on Acid with a lot of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas and a peppering of Interzone.

We take it farther. We do what we do best, we make it classic, silly, and most of all, offensive.

The Jimmy Stewart / Burroughs / Raoul Duke character should be played by madkingludwig. There should be a part for rev_e as some sort of mix of Lance Henriksen and The Walken. _earthshine_ and I will no doubt get to play our Philly Brothers characters.

If sdemory could fly up for a few weekends, there's no telling what kind of role he could take on.
Thursday, May 17th, 2007
10:39 pm
The YellowJacket Greenapple of the East
redmomoko here since I can't post to the OtherHood via my own account...

captainblack just found the japanese YellowJacket Greenapple...his name is Mike Yokohama and he's in the movie Mike Yokohama : A Forest with No Name.  The DVD's picture quality is gritty,  the clothes have that never left the 80's look so common in Asian films,  the opening music is pure 1970s.

  It's not as violent as YellowJacket tended to be but it does have the surreal "what the fuck?" feel.  And an incomprehensible plot and dialogue that goes..no where, somewhere, maybe.   All he needs is the Dauphin to give him instructions...although the creepy "doctor" in the movie makes a good stab at that function.

The filmakers were obviously highly influenced by YellowJacket.  Some of you will howl at the blatent rip-offs.  We just thought it was nice to see old  Greenapple style back in action.
Monday, April 30th, 2007
3:48 pm
We're not the only Others out there:

Yellowjacket Greenapple in shirtsleeves. He wipes clay from his hands. Behind him is an elaborate surrealist sculpture of a lion and a serpent battling, twisting together, becoming one. Everything speeds up and the lighting changes. It's in an art gallery. Art critics crowd around the sculpture and nod appreciatively. Yellowjacket watches from the wings. He smiles. He presses the detonator and the art gallery dissolves into white fire.

Yellowjacket Greenapple CASE AUBURN.
Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
2:36 pm
Greenapple in the Children&apos;s Section

In preparation for AppleCon 2K6, a recap of a previoulsly unreleased episode has come to light!

Check this out:Collapse )
Episode overview here.
Monday, January 2nd, 2006
7:12 am
The Return of Yellowjacket Greenapple, P.I.!
Over on RPGnet, there's a thread about what system you would use for a Yellowjacket Greenapple RPG.

Personally, I'm thinking Risus for a lighter game and Spycraft 2.0 for a crunchier game.
Monday, June 6th, 2005
8:28 am
YG: Bible/Precis from This End
I think I've got it. 
YG's primary independent goal is to exacerbate and hasten the downfall of civilization due to his depressive feelings (or lack thereof) and philosophies.  He is victim to these, as you (captainblack) pointed out, because he has downloaded and erased a large amount of his soul and mental agility into The Dauphin, a huge green screened Babbage machine.  The Dauphin gives YG what appear to be random orders, all of which have a purpose.  Because, subconsiously, YG knows there is paramount importance to achieving the Dauphin's tasks, he will stop at nothing to attain his goals.  The goals may appear random, but are nothing of the sort.  YG thinks they are merely dischordian chaos theory in action: making the world seem meaningless, trivial and unconnected to those who become aware of these events through the media coverage of them (which often seems to be the objective of the missions themselves).  The real purpose of the missions is often to keep YG moving and motivated thus preventing him from killing himself before the time is right to fulfill his true mission, to save the world.  The audience must never know this is his real mission, and they will never (not even in the final, fatal episode) be told.
Because the events whch could allow YG to save the world and usher humanity into a golden age have not yet been put in alignment, he continues to, on his own, attempt to end civilization through assassination, confusion, surreality, and sowing the seeds of discontent among those who would attempt to give rhyme and reason to the human condition.  Forces such as Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Capitalism, Government, Science, Media, and Authority all have secret police agencies trying to stop YG from bringing about this cataclysm.   It is the agency of Buddhism which is meeting with Judi Priest in the scene you described in the email (the formal Japanese scene) where you cast your wife.
The "bad guys" are not the forces of chaos and lawlessness; they are the forces of social cohesion which YG strives to thwart.
It is highly possible that the reason they do not kill YG out of hand is because he was once, before his surgery, the creation of the Dauphin and his present case of affairs, not only one of them but something of an ecumenical minister plenipotentiary who held a very high position among all of the Groups Who Guard.  A sort of Armand Hammer among those who really wield the power here on Earth.  They realize that his mission is crucial and though it has gone wrong to date, this is Man's only hope of redemption. They cannot kill him unless there is absolutely no other way.  If he manages to achieve his goal of bringing an end to the Age of Mankind, it may be a better fate than what would await Man if the mission were to fail.   Order may rise from chaos once again, but the failure of the mission held between YG and the Dauphin would bring worse than chaos; it would bring The End.

Therefore, with these ideas in mind, the Plot of our Episode:

YG has found the thread of an organization called Authority.  Authority has absolute need of the continuation fo Order.  YG is sworn to bring down this organization.  This is the essential plot.  Judi Priest is not only appearing to help YG, but is also a spy sent by Buddhism to watch over YG, but if needs be execute him.  She is in contact with her handlers.  Buddhism is opposed to Authority (as that Group defines it) and will assist with YG's efforts to find and assassinate the ringleaders.  He stalks down connections of the head, known simply as Authority (Jeff Mussen). Finally, he contacts Authority himself and faces down an arch-nemesis, who talks YG down, checkmates him and dismisses him.  YG hits the streets knowing little more than he did before.
While this is happening, the Dauphin is giving YG missions, seemingly random, causing YG to stumble, lose time and be wildly inconvenienced.  Whether this is to prevent YG from bringing down Authority, to keep him active and non-suicidal, or for some other reason not detectable by pattern in this small of a sample is unknowable.  Perhaps it would be fitting for YG to have something on his person when he confronts Authority which the Dauphin had him obtain at risk of life and liberty which prevents/dissuades Authority from dispatching YG to the nether worlds (thus carrying the plotine on without revealing that Authority has a vested interest in keeping YG alive - which the audience must not know at this stage int he series).
Episode ends with Judi Priest in YG's arms.  He is despondant about his failure and she is trying to get him to feel something (they may have been lovers before his operation and mission) and to further ingratiate herself with him for future manipulation by The Groups That Guard: Buddhism.

That's my plan.

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Friday, June 3rd, 2005
1:27 pm
Promo for DVD set, draft two.
(Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, from opening chords)

YG, in trademark silver suit and overstuffed wingback chair, slitting wrists while smoking cigarillo; no change of expression as steel enters flesh. YG sets crimson-stained blade on chair-side wine-table. Blood begins to run into two ironstone chamberpots on the floor beneath the armests of the brown leather chair.

(Cut to opening credit music for YG show, “Hocus Pocus” by Focus)

Jump cut to:1971 Gran Torino, orange, smashes into front end of 1969 Lincoln Mark III, navy blue under a decrepit overpass. A wino with fingerless gloves is fleeing the two careening cars.

Music out: Cut to: Exterior, night: YG slams car door, walks toward darkness of alley.

Judy Priest desperate, pathetically shrieks from next to car "You Can't Take on THAT much Power, Greenapple!"

YG replies "Judi, I have nothing left to lose…” (Wah-Wah, whikka-whikka sound effects – think “ChiPs”)

Music back in at previous cut-point: Cut to - *Explosion* where YG is backlit, walking toward camera in slow motion (Think Keyser Soze)

Cut to fight scene where YG is savagely punching someone repeatedly in the groin.

Quick cut to The Captain: Blimp Pilot smoking elaborate hookah and blowing smoke rings, augmented by cheap & easy CGI to form psychedelic patterns which dissolve as Gamelon (I'm thinking "Too Much To Dream" by The Electric Prunes) music swells.

Low-Light Shot of Judy Priest shooting gun as she flies sideways through the air and splashes into the water; cut to horrified reaction shot of antagonist through red gel. Judi surfaces, gasps, pulls a sword out and lunges toward the camera, slashing. All in slow-motion.

Cut to: YG staring blankly at camera, places hand on butcher block, severs hand with Boy Scout hatchet. “If only I could die and be free of this prison of flesh,” YG mutters…

Screen cuts to black to huge piano sound (End of “A Day in the Life” – The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band).

Slowly fading up from black is the trademark Yellowjacket Greenapple shot of the yellowjacket feasting on a Granny Smith green apple.

voice over: "Yellowjacket Greenapple. Buy season one now, only $19.95 on Numbered Limited Edition DVD with the long lost documentary “YG: The Making" From Megamax Films.”
Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
9:34 pm
first draft of the brief "trailer" we'll plaster on the web so people will buy our DVD

night-time shot -- YG slams car door, walks toward darkness of alley

Judy Priest hollers from next to car "You Can't Take on THAT much Power, Greenapple!"

YG replies "Baby, The Man is Going Down, and i'm the only one man enough to do it."

--*Explosion* where YG is backlit, walking toward camera in slow motion--

cut to fight scene where YG is savagely punching someone

quick cut to Blimp Pilot smoking elaborate hookah and blowing smoke rings, augmented by cheap & easy CGI to form psychedelic patterns which dissolve as Gamelon music swells.

low-light Shot of Judy Priest shooting gun as she flies sideways through the air and splashes into the water; she surfaces, gasps, pulls a sword out and lunges toward the camera, slashing.

Screen goes black.

voice over: "Yellowjacket Greenapple. But it now, for only $19.95 on DVD"

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
11:31 pm
Sunday, May 1st, 2005
8:56 am
I've consistently found the YG gratuitous near-nudity to be more intriguing than gratuitous.

Interesting how his body changes every episode... whether it's the plastic-coated, navelless clone body of "Game, Set and Match," or the intricately tattooed, battered corpus of "Kill the Pig," there's always a clue somewhere in there.

And, of course, there are the many scenes of Judy, LEX.1 or Amygdyla Jones changing. Think those were just for titilation, though.
8:44 am
Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
2:44 pm
breaking news
we may have cast Judi.

keep your fingers crossed.

pray to horrible gods.

wish upon a betamax tape of Gelfling porn.



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