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first draft of the brief "trailer" we'll plaster on the web so people will buy our DVD


night-time shot -- YG slams car door, walks toward darkness of alley

Judy Priest hollers from next to car "You Can't Take on THAT much Power, Greenapple!"

YG replies "Baby, The Man is Going Down, and i'm the only one man enough to do it."

--*Explosion* where YG is backlit, walking toward camera in slow motion--

cut to fight scene where YG is savagely punching someone

quick cut to Blimp Pilot smoking elaborate hookah and blowing smoke rings, augmented by cheap & easy CGI to form psychedelic patterns which dissolve as Gamelon music swells.

low-light Shot of Judy Priest shooting gun as she flies sideways through the air and splashes into the water; she surfaces, gasps, pulls a sword out and lunges toward the camera, slashing.

Screen goes black.

voice over: "Yellowjacket Greenapple. But it now, for only $19.95 on DVD"
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