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Greenapple in the Children's Section

In preparation for AppleCon 2K6, a recap of a previoulsly unreleased episode has come to light!

Yellowjacket Greenapple throws open the double doors of the Children's Department. He stands, waiting for his eyes to adjust. He lights a fresh cigarillo and enters. A larger version of the red-and-white clown statue looms out of the darkness. It giggles.

Yellowjacket regards it dispassionately.

"The world is wrong." He remarks and puts the cigarillo out in the clown's stone eye. It giggles.

Yellowjacket slowly removes his silk necktie and wraps it around his hand.


Trumpets blare and the harpsichord plays. Explosive snares rattle in time to Yellowjacket punching and kicking the clown. His face is totally without expression, but with a palpable fury he unleashes impossible violence on the stone statue. Chunks of stone fall away from his hammer-like blows. Blood soaks through his necktie. The clown begins sobbing, the sound rising gradually above the music as Yellowjacket methodically takes the statue apart with his fists.


Episode overview here.
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