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The YellowJacket Greenapple of the East

redmomoko here since I can't post to the OtherHood via my own account...

captainblack just found the japanese YellowJacket Greenapple...his name is Mike Yokohama and he's in the movie Mike Yokohama : A Forest with No Name.  The DVD's picture quality is gritty,  the clothes have that never left the 80's look so common in Asian films,  the opening music is pure 1970s.

  It's not as violent as YellowJacket tended to be but it does have the surreal "what the fuck?" feel.  And an incomprehensible plot and dialogue that where, somewhere, maybe.   All he needs is the Dauphin to give him instructions...although the creepy "doctor" in the movie makes a good stab at that function.

The filmakers were obviously highly influenced by YellowJacket.  Some of you will howl at the blatent rip-offs.  We just thought it was nice to see old  Greenapple style back in action.
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