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A weird twisted ride, but who knows?

Okay, maybe our Yellowjacket project was stillborn, but that doesn't mean we weren't on to something.

The next stab I'd like to take at getting all you knuckleheads to lend your genius to something just came to me today as I was cooking dinner.

It seemed so obvious in retrospect.

We choose a Jimmy Stewart film. For instance, FBI story.

We rewrite it until it is unrecognizable, changing the milieu and main character to be more along the lines of our 90's sensibilities. (Yes, I realize it is now the oughties, but face it, we all are getting a little old, and we are for the most part still thinking 90's thoughts.)

To whit, the world and the way things happen in our story becomes more C'thulhuPunk, more Burroughs, more "it makes X-files look like, well... like X-files looked once Chris Carter Lucased out" -- for instance, "FBI story" becomes more like Iran-Contra-with-Uncle Duke/ Doonesbury on Acid with a lot of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas and a peppering of Interzone.

We take it farther. We do what we do best, we make it classic, silly, and most of all, offensive.

The Jimmy Stewart / Burroughs / Raoul Duke character should be played by madkingludwig. There should be a part for rev_e as some sort of mix of Lance Henriksen and The Walken. _earthshine_ and I will no doubt get to play our Philly Brothers characters.

If sdemory could fly up for a few weekends, there's no telling what kind of role he could take on.
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