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Tracked down another car that will be familiar to fans of the show.

This is the car that Judy Priest drove in the season finale, (final year of the YG show) entitled, "Whence forth, the future."

To be brutally frank, no one who did not at least uncomprehendingly gaze upon the zeitgeist of nihilism and despair that was the early 70's could possibly understand why this episode got made. But that gold Alfa Romeo is beautiful and well worth watching the ep for, imo.

As you may recall, the rather irritating plot had Yellowjacket Greenapple for some reason getting into a knock down drag out fistfight with Sean Connery (playing the character Alpha Man, Ruler of the Time Stream Of Entropy), in a place that looked like a condo association version of the Eloi compound, except with Star Trek style decor.

There were bubbling blue lamps everywhere. Beautiful people lounged around on badly designed furniture betting on the two fighters as they bled all over the place. Connery made grotesquely cannibalistic jokes. Greenapple was reciting snippets from Spinoza, Whitehead, and Descartes. It looked like they would kill each other for sure.

And the whole fight scene was doubly stupid, because Judy Priest was of course miles away from there, underground with the Morlocks at this point, breaking glass, singing gypsy music from Romania, and splashing paint on the walls like Yoko Ono on mushrooms. I have no idea why.

But I would rather have been watching her --doing anything at all--, instead of an underdressed and sweaty Connery beating YG with a fire place poker until his head rolled off and beeped.

But in the last scene, Judy and YG drive off in this very car, lit by the dying red sun --that the Dauphin and YG have shot a black hole into, hastening the death of our solar system by billions of years--.

You can see this car's distinctive early 70's look in a very long tracking shot, after Yellowjacket Greenapple re-attaches his head, suavely admitting that he's been a robot for the whole season, since the Dauphin impishly killed him (yes, with the robotic heroin injection arm) and stuffed his body into one of those egg-shaped chairs like in Clockwork Orange. It had been at the back of the office the whole time. In some shots, you can actually see it, earlier in the season, but everyone assumed it was merely some mock-up intended as a Momento Mori, or at least a grim jest.

The car is visible for nearly a minute as the color scheme goes ever more pastel while they drive away, perhaps to denote the end of the world, and of all human life. It is hinted in several sources that Malatesta actually killed someone to obtain that car.
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