madkingludwig (madkingludwig) wrote in the_otherhood,

Promo for DVD set, draft two.

(Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, from opening chords)

YG, in trademark silver suit and overstuffed wingback chair, slitting wrists while smoking cigarillo; no change of expression as steel enters flesh. YG sets crimson-stained blade on chair-side wine-table. Blood begins to run into two ironstone chamberpots on the floor beneath the armests of the brown leather chair.

(Cut to opening credit music for YG show, “Hocus Pocus” by Focus)

Jump cut to:1971 Gran Torino, orange, smashes into front end of 1969 Lincoln Mark III, navy blue under a decrepit overpass. A wino with fingerless gloves is fleeing the two careening cars.

Music out: Cut to: Exterior, night: YG slams car door, walks toward darkness of alley.

Judy Priest desperate, pathetically shrieks from next to car "You Can't Take on THAT much Power, Greenapple!"

YG replies "Judi, I have nothing left to lose…” (Wah-Wah, whikka-whikka sound effects – think “ChiPs”)

Music back in at previous cut-point: Cut to - *Explosion* where YG is backlit, walking toward camera in slow motion (Think Keyser Soze)

Cut to fight scene where YG is savagely punching someone repeatedly in the groin.

Quick cut to The Captain: Blimp Pilot smoking elaborate hookah and blowing smoke rings, augmented by cheap & easy CGI to form psychedelic patterns which dissolve as Gamelon (I'm thinking "Too Much To Dream" by The Electric Prunes) music swells.

Low-Light Shot of Judy Priest shooting gun as she flies sideways through the air and splashes into the water; cut to horrified reaction shot of antagonist through red gel. Judi surfaces, gasps, pulls a sword out and lunges toward the camera, slashing. All in slow-motion.

Cut to: YG staring blankly at camera, places hand on butcher block, severs hand with Boy Scout hatchet. “If only I could die and be free of this prison of flesh,” YG mutters…

Screen cuts to black to huge piano sound (End of “A Day in the Life” – The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band).

Slowly fading up from black is the trademark Yellowjacket Greenapple shot of the yellowjacket feasting on a Granny Smith green apple.

voice over: "Yellowjacket Greenapple. Buy season one now, only $19.95 on Numbered Limited Edition DVD with the long lost documentary “YG: The Making" From Megamax Films.”
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