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Fafnir Skyrndorsmann, remembered.

Fafnir was never a great actor, but he didn't have to be. The paucity of lines he was given in the few episodes of Yellowjacket Greenapple he appeared in never stopped him from being a fan favorite. The Finnish bodybuilder's nearly seven foot height, gleaming lion's mane, and sculpted physique gave him a freakish charm that was immediately embraced by YG fans.

He first appeared in "The Silver Metal Brother" as Judy Priest's sibling and consort from the Imperium Dimension, where presumably Judy was Empress of a galactic civilization on the brink of falling into barbarism. Judy's ongoing battle with her disease that interwove her waking and dreaming life with bleedthrough from other dimension versions of herself reached a climax in the scene where she was brutally beating Yellowjacket Greenapple and forcing him to have sex with her while slowly turning into a gleaming robot, only to be interrupted by Fafnir Skyrndorsmann breaking the thirty foot high mirror Judy and Yellowjacket were copulating in front of.

The giant Finn was wearing the Jack Kirby designed armor as he strode through the mirror and plucked the naked Judy Priest off of the bruised and bleeding Yellowjacket Greenapple. He lifted her into the air as if she were a doll and spoke to her in the tongue of the Imperium. Linguists from several countries had been paid a small fortune by Malatesta to invent a plausible sounding future galactic language calculated to include the earth languages of the nations most prominent in the race for space colonization. At the time, in 1969, it was presumed that space colonization would happen quite soon.

The crashing silver shards landing everywhere gave the whole cast gashes which took weeks to heal but looked great on film, especially when the blood landed on the fantastically impractical silver armor Fafnir was wearing on his bronzed 'chisled from oak' body and when it splashed on Judy's milk pale thighs like raspberry jam on cream. Priest had trouble getting her lines out because she was actually having an orgasm as Fafnir was lifting her into the air. Whether this was because of her violent abuse of Greenapple (a frequent activity known to bring her to climax during filming on more than one occasion), Fafnir's rough hands on her skin, or because of the mirror shards, is unknown.

When Skyrndorsman bellows that Judy must come back with him to rule the decadent sea of stars (and slake his infernal lusts) and she responds in the language of the Imperium, her speech in the made up language which she proclaims while standing naked with her hands on her hips, cuts all over her body, Yellowjacket Greenapple lying at her feet, was supposedly the most often watched film scrap at YG conventions from 1971 through 1987, when a copy of the (thought to be lost) clip of her final clothes-ripping, highly sexualized battle with the robot version of herself was unearthed in the vaults of a Canberra television station that syndicated the show from the BBC.

Followers of Tim Powers gnashed their teeth when Fafnir died in a motorcycle accident in 1985, mere months after he had agreed to play William Ashbless.
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