CaptainBlack (captainblack) wrote in the_otherhood,

Can anyone else recall any Fafnir trivia?

There was the episode where Fafnir played the Blimp Pilot. The plot point was that they ran out of adrenochrome and laudanum and the blimp pilot, usually played by Neville Sourbetton, sobered up and underwent a horrifying transmutation from the harmless looking Sourbetton to the Brock Samson esque Fafnir.
Greenapple spent the rest of that episode hurling physics problems at the Blimp Pilot to distract him from the pain of going cold turkey. A zeppelin full of orphans floated by and our heroes were for a time tempted to render the tots down into more adrenochrome, but were persuaded to desist by the ship's computer, voiced as always by the coldly logical yet sultry Deirdre Simone.
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