CaptainBlack (captainblack) wrote in the_otherhood,

Story challenge : ) Respond anytime in the next week.

I was just thinking about the Uncanny Valley again, and really enjoying scaring myself with the idea of "what if I was talking to a person, liking them, and after a while of being totally without any doubt they were human, I saw one of those telltale notches on their wrist, or a movement of their eye, and suddenly knew they were a construct." WOoo! Nice and scary!! : )

I challenge anyone who is into this sort of thing to write a short story about an encounter like this, where you spend a relatively long time with a person, having a positive encounter with them and connecting on an emotional level, and then you suddenly realize they are a mechanism.

After brushing up on the above idea, please feel free to write a story -- enjoy!

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